BSA Ultra Multishot

BSA Ultra Multishot

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 The Ultra Multishot, adds autoload capability in the form of BSA’s 10-shot pellet magazine. This works superbly with the Ultra’s unique, MMC cocking system and spring-loaded pellet probe and allows the shooter to fire shot after shot without taking the rifle off aim – and that can be a real advantage in a hunting situation.

 Also built into the Ultra Multishot’s super-compact design you’ll find an expertly crafted, fully-chequered stock, a quick-fit charging system, match grade accuracy and that unrivalled BSA pedigree. Both the Ultra and Ultra Multishot come with charging adaptor, spare seals and lubricant. Now there’s proof that less really can be more!


Tactical stock available for £496.00
Beech stock (shown) available for £533.00
Grade 2 Walnut stock available for £600.00
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